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This set of services enables the behavioral measurements of sensory-motor skills, learning and memory, emotional states, and addiction in mice.

Our team at the Center for Integrative Biology (CBI) in Toulouse provides you with its equipment and expertise in mouse behavioral phenotyping. The department proposes, develops and adapts numerous behavioral tests to meet the needs of the scientific community, both public and private.



Grip strength test

A device for measuring the muscular strength of the forelegs and/or hind legs.

Elevated cross maze

A device for assessing the level of anxiety, based on the analysis of exploratory activity.


A modular and automated system for conducting a number of memory, spatial learning, attention and motivation tests throughout the nycthemeral cycle and without any experimenter intervention.


A test to evaluate motor coordination and balance.

Fear conditioning

A contextual and indexed memory test associated with an aversive stimulus.

Conditioned place preference

A test to evaluate the reinforcing properties of drugs of abuse, as well as the potentially appetitive or aversive effects of pharmacological substances.


A device that trains mice for sustained physical exercise and measures their level of fatigue.


An object localization and recognition test. This test of spatial and non-spatial memory is based on a measure of exploratory activity.

Cage with activity wheel

A device for the circadian measurement of spontaneous motor activity.

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