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The department’s expertise in experimental pathology allows it to offer a combination of techniques, skills and advice for conducting and interpreting your histopathology and immunohistochemistry projects.

Expertise / Advice

Methodological advice as well as assistance in the reading and interpretation of histomorphological and immunohistochemical results.

Availability of equipment

Equipment is made freely available after training in sample preparation, histological cutting and staining, immunolabelling, the use of microscopes, and slide digitization and analysis.

From R&D to services

Open to academics as well as private companies, the department is involved in scientific collaborations, R&D, service delivery, consulting, and training.

Services available

Conventional histology

Tissue preservation (freezing, fixation), paraffin inclusion, slicing, histological staining


Immunohistochemistry/immunofluorescence of tissue sections (freezing, paraffin).

Fine-tuning the conditions for antibody use.


Digitization and quantification of histological slides with a Pannoramic 250 (3DHistech) slide scanner and associated software.

Making of tissue microarrays

[TMA] using a Beecher Instruments tissue microarrayer


TP1020 Leica


Pannoramic 250 (3Dhistech)

Slide scanner with quantification software

Leica DMR microscop


Tissue freezing

Beecher Instruments tissue microarrayer

Making of tissue microarrays

Cryostat CM1950 Leica


Coverslipper device CV5030 - Leica

Paraffin block slicing


Paraffin block slicing

Autostainer DAKO

Automated immunohistochemistry system

Leica ST5020 automated multistainer

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