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Solutions for a variety of models and different health statuses


Qualified staff ensure the delivery of services and assist you in preparing procedures in accordance with current regulations.

Well-being and health status

Continuous veterinary follow-up is ensured, including the monitoring of animal welfare and health status according to FELASA recommendations.

From service to R&D

Depending on your request, our teams will only provide housing for the animals or carry out the experimental procedures.

The ANEXPLO platform provides the scientific, academic and private communities with a range of animal science services spread across different sites in Toulouse. The services offered include breeding and housing, and the implementation of experimental procedures for rodent (rat and mouse), lagomorph, sheep, cattle, and bird models, which can be adapted to different health statutes as well as different levels of biological safety (from A1 to A3).




Cancerous, cardiovascular, and immune system pathophysiologies

  • Production animal science for the breeding and housing of mice in SOPF confinement as well as axenic mice. Experimental animal science at the Langlade, Purpan and Rangueil sites offer housing in SOPF or SPF containment. In addition, experimental procedures can be performed for rodent models in A1 and A2 containment.
  • This site is associated with 3 Inserm research departments: CRCT, I2MC and CPTP.


Pathophysiology of infections and cancer

  • Production animal science for the breeding and housing of mice in SPF confinement.
  • Experimental animal science for conducting experimental procedures on mouse models in A1 containment.
  • The unique feature of this site is the presence of a level 3 biosecurity animal facility allowing research teams to benefit from powerful tools (confocal imaging, cytometry, sorter, histology, etc.) that can be used to understand the physiopathology of infectious diseases and to identify therapeutic targets in animals, all in a high-security environment.



  • Production animal science for the breeding and housing of mice. This is organized into two distinct containment areas: SPF containment and a quarantine.
  • Experimental animal science for conducting experimental procedures on mouse models in A1 containment.


Pathophysiology of infections and vaccinology

  • Experimental animal science for conducting experimental procedures in A2 and A3 containment on model mice, rabbits (15 cages, carrying capacity: 30 animals), young cattle (carrying capacity: 9 animals), sheep (carrying capacity: 12 animals), chickens, ducks, and turkeys (4 insulators).
  • On the campus of the National Veterinary School of Toulouse (ENVT), in collaboration with the teams of UMR INRA/ENVT 1225 Host Interactions – Pathogenic Agents

Faculté de Pharmacie – UT3


  • Animal science department (A1 confinement) with 5 housing rooms (rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters) in a protected area and 2 experimental laboratories.
  • Hosting of academic laboratories (IRD, CNRS, INSERM, etc.) and services for biotechnology and/or pharmaceutical companies: experimental rearing procedures (food, beverages, etc.), special treatment (daily injections, etc.).



  • Animal science department providing A1 and A2 containment with SPF sanitary status to house mice, rats and hamsters. For use by private companies.
  • SOPF : Specific and Opportunistic Pathogen Free
  • SPF : Specific Pathogen Free


  • Anesthesia and euthanasia stations, ventilated racks, exchange hood, PSM II
  • Experimental rooms equipped with stereo microscopes, gas anesthesia station, small equipment, etc.

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